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Battling The Cold and Flu Season

If you're a parent or a teacher, you know that September and October are chaotic months, with the children readjusting to a structured schedule, the fatigue that comes along with that adjustment, and the hustle and bustle of the busy mornings and afternoons.

Of course, the fall months also start the "indoors" events, as the weather begins its slow decline. Being indoors means being exposed to more people and this means being exposed to more germs and foreign invaders looking for a nice, comfy home -- in your body.

With kids back in school, teachers back at work, and more indoor events, the risk for coming in contact with germs rises.

According to John Hopkins, many kids will have up to eight colds throughout the year, most occurring in the fall and winter months. And when there are sick kids in school sneezing and sniffling, chances are teachers, siblings, and parents are then going to catch a cold, too.

But there are ways to give your body the tools and support it needs to help fight off pesky germs. Two of the most important things you can do are hydrate properly and get enough rest. We tend to ignore the "enough rest" part, yet rest is crucial to keeping the immune system healthy.

Eating a nutrient-dense diet will also do wonders for your body, especially during high-risk seasons. Fruits like berries, oranges, melons, and apples are especially good to start eating right now as they are packed with essentials like Vitamin C and fiber. Dark leafy greens are high in antioxidants, iron, Vitamins C and K, and Magnesium and can help fight off foreign invaders and free radicals.

Aside from eating, hydrating, and resting, Replenish offers immune-boosting IV drips that give your body extra support. Our IV drips deliver essential vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream where they are fully absorbed and working in your body to boost that immune system, helping fight off any germs that come your way. You can choose from a Classic Meyers drip to a customized drip suited for your own needs. Getting started with a series of four drips will help you feel nourished, alert, healthy, and prepared to take on the cold and flu season.

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